Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Personalized trainings

Tailored trainings

At our clinic we specialize in providing personalized one-to-one or small group training sessions, focusing on the application of ultrasound to the musculoskeletal system.

Our approach is centered around tailoring each session to the unique needs of the participants, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted learning experience.

Dr. Ingrid Moller and Dr. David Bong

Dr. Ingrid Moller, our expert instructor, brings a wealth of experience, incorporating real cases to illustrate practical applications of musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Healthcare professionals have already benefited from and enjoyed our specialized training, gaining insights and skills that directly translate to their professional practice.

Join us on-site to elevate your skills with hands-on experience and real-world case studies under the guidance of Dr. Ingrid Moller and featuring prominent professionals like Dr. David Bong from the USA and Dr. Luis Coronel.


  • Our personalized musculoskeletal ultrasound courses adapt to the participant’s needs regarding topics and the time that the participant wishes to invest.
  • The courses are led by two faculty members, and they seamlessly integrate hands-on experience with both healthy models and patients. This dynamic and mix approach enhances participants’ understanding of sonoanatomy and sonopathology.
  • The personalized courses are aimed at any musculoskeletal specialty (rheumatologists, radiologists, general practitioners, neurologists, anesthesiologists, physical medicine specialists, physiotherapists, etc.).
  • Our experience in developing these personalized courses spans over ten years.
  • More than two attendees per course are not recommended.

Faculty: Ingrid Möller, David Bong, Luis Coronel.
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You can access some of the research work done by Dr. Ingrid Moller, Dr. David Bong or Dr. Luis Coronel in Researchgate, or in Google Scholar for Dr. Ingrid Möller or Dr. David Bong.


Over the past few years, doctors from diverse nationalities have visited us. Here are a couple of testimonials as examples:

I got the opportunity to join prof. Dr Ingrid Moller in her practice in Barcelona to enjoy hands-on musculoskeletal ultrasound training. The variability of patients was great and we got to see all of the most important joints and other important anatomical structures in rheumatology. She also gave me insight into future points of interest in ultrasonography in rheumatology. I would recommend other European rheumatology trainees who have a special interest in ultrasonography to organize a similar training week. 

(Dr. from Netherlands)

I had the opportunity to spend a few months at the Poal Institute to learn musculoskeletal ultrasound from Prof. Ingrid Möller in 2023. Apart from being an excellent physician, she is extremely approachable and warm. Her ultrasound skills are unparalleled which complements her skills as a rheumatologist. She is the most patient teacher and answered all my doubts with a lot of clarity. Dr. Luis Coronel, another rheumatologist at the institute, is also an astute physician with great ultrasound skills. Apart from providing rheumatology services, the institute also provides physical therapy. Dr. Kirsten Martinez is an extremely good therapist. She listens to the patients with utmost care and tries to provide a practical regime for each one of them. It was a really great learning experience for me with the state-of-the-art equipment for musculoskeletal ultrasound.

(Dr. from India)

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