What is sonoanatomy?

Sonoanatomy is an interactive and multidisciplinary course organized by Instituo Poal de Reumatología at the University of Barcelona under the umbrella of Eular and Euroson. It showcases advances in the understanding of sonoanatomy. We focus on personalized small group “hands-on” tutorials and workshops aimed at the level of the participants with:

  • Clinical relevant topics
  • Multidisciplinary and interactive approach
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Personalized training
  • Hands-On Practicality

Break through the sonoanatomical barriers with our world-renowned faculty covering anatomy in a course designed to be highly practical and personalized, allowing doctors to actively practice and hone their ultrasound skills.

We avoid large auditorium lectures. Enjoy individualized attention with our commitment to personalized guidance throughout the program. We have been training healthcare professionals for almost two decades. Since its inception in 2007, Sonoanatony has received overwhelmingly positive reviews/feedback each year.

Join us for an immersive learning experience that goes beyond the basics, empowering you to apply ultrasound techniques confidently in your day-to-day clinical practice.

Sonoanatomy: XVI Edition

DATES: 18 & 19 of January 2024

WHERE: Anatomy Lab of the University of Barcelona-Bellvitge campus

ORGANIZERS: Ingrid Möller, Esperanza Naredo, David Bong, Maribel Miguel, Carlo Martinoli

FACULTY: Hilde Berner-Hammer, David Bong, George Bryun, Alessandra Bruns, Luis Coronel, Maria Antonieta D’Agostino, Tomas Domingo, Javier de la Fuente, David Kane, Zunaid Karim, Martin Lamontagne, Peter Mandl, Carlo Martinoli, Dennis McGonagle, Johan Michaud, Maribel Miguel, Ingrid Möller, Esperanza Naredo, Sara Ortiz, Jordi Palau, Wolfgang Schmidt, Lene Terslev, Jacqueline Uson, Esther Vicente.

PROGRAM: Workshops utilizing cadaver specimens and models

Workshops from 8H30 until 18H – Lunch break 12H – 13H / 13H – 14H

Thursday 18th January: 8H30 – 18H

Upper extremities

  • Rotator cuff in depth
  • Winged scapula
  • Muscle contribution to the MCP joint
  • Nerves around the forearm and hand
  • Intervention in the upper extremity
  • Sonoanatomy of the epicondyles

Friday 19th January: 8H30 – 18H

Lower extremities and pelvis

  • Hip joint capsule
  • Nerves and vessels of the ankle and foot
  • Sonoanatomy of the posterior and lateral hip musculature
  • Lower extremity intervention
  • The posterior knee
  • Sonoanatomy of the knee ligaments

FAQ for Attendees

Contacts for assistance

If you need any assistance these days, please contact the secretary team (Kirsten and Enrique)

  • By e-mail:
  • By WhatsApp: +34 637542936 (Kirsten) +34 626353569 (Enrique)

Sonoanatomy location

Sonoanatomy takes place in the dissection room of Universitat de Barcelona. This map will help you get to the Universitat de Barcelona:

How to get to the dissection room

Sonoanatomy takes place in the dissection room of Universitat De Barcelona. This image will help you understand how to get to the dissection room both from the Hotel Hesperia and from the nearest Metro (Hospital Belllvitge L1).:

How to get to the restaurant

Lunches will take place at The Metropolitan restaurant. This is how to get there from the dissection room. Once you enter the building, the restaurant is directly on the right:

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